Monday, November 9, 2009

Bittersweets Contest

If you can tell me the name of this vampire movie I just saw on cable with Michael Madsen (i heart Reservoir Dogs) I will name you the winner of the contest. And I'll send you a $50 gift certificate.


firey_red_head29 said...


Sam said...

Is it "Vampires Anonymous"? That'd be my guess!! He was so chillingly groovy in Resevoir Dogs - but not a Vampire!

Miss Manhatten said...

It's bloodrayne-
and all the info you could want about it is here-

it was a video game before it was a movie-it was ok.

Miss Manhatten said...

didn't see someone got it. good gods they were quick!

bittersweets new york said...

Yay! Thanks for all your comments!
We have a winner! Would firey_red_head29 please email us with her mailing address?
And thanks Miss Manhatten for the extra info. Email us too with your address and we'll send you a little something as well.
xoxo, bittersweets ladies!