Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New Rings!

Sneak Preview of the New Letter Ring Stamps!!! That is one fancy " D L A " ring!

And here's a sneak, sneak preview of the lower case letter rings. Agnes is a name that my friend Eddie picked out. He's so handsome and smart that I had to make a little ring. Prrrretttttyyy!


I don't have a photo for this, and it has been over 3 months, but our beautiful kitty James passed on. I realized, that I should let people know, who came to the shop and loved him as well. I will miss him forever.11.13.08

Well, here's a photo. Not sure how appropriate it is, but I can only hope that our beautiful James is lettin' it all hang out in kitty heaven.

Monday, February 9, 2009

My Sister

So, I guess my memory is off, but I remember my sister having a monogrammed sweater with just her initials, and not the entire name spelled out. And I only mention this, because it's the inspiration for the new letter rings I'm working on. They are a slightly thicker gauge wire, with a 3 letter limit, using a stamp kit of capital, cursive, letters. My memory of her being super glamorous is spot on, however!

Frame made by mom, 1987.

I know you've seen this, but don't you need to see it everytime you look at the Bittersweets Blog? Yes, you do.

If you missed the Valentine email last week, then you missed a very posed picture of the bunny with his new sweetie pie. She has ears that just don't quit!
She was delivered via US Postal Service, and from what we could make of the return address, she came from the exotic land of 1+1Avenue & Hop-DeglofflenPlace. Thank goodness for idle hands and bum knees. Not really, but that's how the bunny got his own mail-order-valentine, just in time!

Behold, The Creature Ring! Bigger & Better!

Well, maybe bigger isn't better, but we're just excited that we made a larger size for our weird Creature Ring. What, you're a size 14, 15? No problem, we've got a ring for you! Here's what really happened: A darling gal, Susan, ordered this ring as a 12.5 and the largest size we offered was a 9. It got us to thinking, "Yeah, why be a sizest? Why not make this ring as big as it can possible be? It is after all called the 'Creature Ring'".

Does anyone out there actually have fingers that big? Did we just turn it to 11? Please write to us and send us a photo if you have 14 or larger digits! If you must know, we can make this bigger, it's just that the ring mandrel won't even go past a certain point. If we make one big enough, a smaller person could wear it as a bracelet. Stay tuned...