Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Ben & Hope got married!

Hope is wearing 7 Tongues of Silver! We love you Hope & Ben!!!! Photos by Cindy

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Look who's modeling for Bitttersweets!

Erin wearing the Baby Vamp Necklace in Silver!

Seva is wearing the Classic Vamp Necklace!

seva is wearing the classic vamp necklace.


porkchop is wearing the silver cocktail sword.


josh is wearing the dagger in silver.


Arik is wearing the baby vamp pinky rings.

Villains Play Grand Opening of Bittersweets Store!

July 22, 2006

Emma's Babies

silver babydoll holding a gold dagger. diamond eyes. cute.

Sunday, July 8, 2007


morgan is wearing a gold lightning bolt that we made just for him. lucky!

We got a BUNNY!!

The bunny is a dutch rabbit and he is an Aries. His favorite thing to do is hop around and he frequently enjoys carrots and parsely. The best place to pet him is between his ears. He is very soft and fuzzy. His favorite type of music is hiphop. GET IT? But actually he quite likes Cat Power.

send us a picture of you wearing bittersweets!

Caroline sporting the 18K gold Earthworm bracelet.
Bittersweets hearts Lindsay. And Lindsay "hearts (& dagger)" Bittersweets!