Monday, July 28, 2008

2 Years on Broadway! Here's the party pics.

Thanks to Hope for getting a ton of Kiehl's samples. They gave us lottsa goodies for our pinata.

BEST beeer in Brooklyn!!!

The pinata fell to the ground and didn't break after the first hit, and so we played "baseball pinata" with it, (notice the lack of blindfold). That did the trick. I love the cigarette in the mouth whilst batting. Thanks Sunnie & friend, for being in charge of that activity.

rev·el (rvl)
intr.v. rev·eled also rev·elled, rev·el·ing also rev·el·ling, rev·els also rev·els
1. To take great pleasure or delight: She reveled in her unaccustomed leisure.
2. To engage in uproarious festivities; make merry.
A boisterous festivity or celebration; merrymaking. Often used in the plural.
[Middle English revelen, to carouse, from Old French reveler, to rebel, carouse, from Latin rebellre, to rebel; see rebel.

Sweet baby Uli and Erica. They came in the shop the first week we were open. We loooove them!

Friday, July 18, 2008

He's Back!

Sometime the next day, after walking in and out of the shop numerous times, I'd been hearing him "peep-peeping" all day, when finally, I see him perched on our basil plant ready to hop right back into the shop. I took the extra opportunity to snap another close-up. I watched mama bird fly down to feed through the crack in the door and the next day he was gone.

I always knew it was a ZOO over here, but this is ridiculous!

I was mopping the floor on my hands and knees for a particularly rough patch (thanks bunny,) and I looked up to find this adorable baby bird no less than two feel away! I grabbed my camera and took a photo! I wrapped him in tissue and left him out under the tree in front of the shop.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

James The Cat!

Link for cartoon here!

An adorable gal came into Bittersweets and commented that there was a cartoon with a big white cat named James! We looked it up on youtube and sure enough, it is this awesome cartoon with a hilarious theme song about James the cat getting fat! How appropriate!

And here's our James. See any resemblance?

Woke Up the Bunny!

This is Bunny's favorite spot to sleep. But he is easily disturbed! Poor Buns!