Saturday, January 21, 2012

adorable audrey + clever chad = tlf

Hi there!

My name is Aubrey-my roommate is Chad...he asked me to marry him this past October-I said yes. He's my "BFF" and makes me giggle. We met and started dated in Driver's Ed in high school and I think he's like the coolest guy ever...anywho, the ring is a double earthworm wrapped around a diamond-and it had been taken off of the website about 2 years ago (I think?) I remember showing it to him-thinking how unique and beautiful it was, and how sad I was when it was discontinued...We went on a road trip to see Niagra Falls for our 9th anniversary, and we were about to leave the hotel room to go get some dindins, and he asked me to marry him-I can't recall the exact way he said it, but I'm pretty sure I said "yeah, cool!" and then he opened the box and it was the earthworm ring. I know he and you guys went through alot of work getting/making the ring-you didn't have to, but you did, and it is incredibly lovely!

Luvs and Hugs,


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