Friday, November 19, 2010

New Site, New Cuff Links...

We are launching a new site and one of our brand new items was inspired by a lovely gal who requested these for the best man at her wedding. But I'll let her tell you:

I feel you should know the story behind The Best Day Ever. :) The Best Day Ever is a manifesto that my Man of H, Jeremy, and I made up when we were studying abroad in college. It came about when we decided to go out on an adventure even though we had a ton of work to do. We ended up having the Best Day Ever full of relaxation, delicious food, amazing conversation, and tons of laughing AND the best part was, all our work ended up getting done in the end. The lesson was, the work will always get done and you cannot let the the stresses of life stop you from enjoying the little things. Whenever one of us is stressing out about something or overwhelmed we remind the other one about the B.D.E. We remind each other to breathe know that if you take time to let the good stuff in, it all works out and you can transform a bad/busy/stressed day into something amazing. He will be so happy when he gets this gift not only cuz the cuff links are beautiful, but because it is allowing our little well-loved manifesto to get passed on to someone new.

I know ALL of my wedding party will love the gifts you made and I am so excited to get to give them...and a tiny bit jealous that they get such rockin' jewelry :) Thanks so much for everything! It's been awesome working with you!

All the best things and many, many best days ever to you,

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