Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Young Drawing Whiz!

We are proud to say that we knew Hope when she was an even younger drawing whiz. Our "about" page features the very first Bittersweets catalog illustrated by, you guessed it, Hope Gangloff! Read what New Yorker has to say about our lovely gal:

This young drawing whiz shows large paintings of pretty, languid friends that are mannered and feel trendy, pleasantly. They conflate lapidary facture à la Gustav Klimt and the everyday eros of Elizabeth Peyton, with a dash of Neue Sachlichkeit. Pale-fleshed lads and lasses project second-nature chic, just slightly decadent, in modest circumstances. One subject is a plainly overqualified waitress with a dainty tattoo, lurching to grab a bottle of Tabasco sauce. A clamorous, gravity-free still-life celebrates a world emblematized by beer, soda, and wine bottles; fancy shoes and umbrellas; containers of Chinese food, salt, and matches; and what looks like a Geiger counter. Through Nov. 25. (Inglett, 522 W. 24th St. 212-647-9111.)

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