Thursday, March 12, 2009

Nice Customer of the Month Award Goes to...

Jon!!! I got this darling email from him and asked if I could share it all with you! Aaaaawe, aint love grand?!

Hi Robin,
I did receive the rings that you sent. I'm VERY sorry for not sending you a picture or describing the AWESOME reaction from her!

The day before the Vamp rings came in I bought some "Cracker Jack Box" style rings. When the Vamp rings came in I gave the crappy rings to her (she likes little things like that). Of course as I gave her those rings she got excited and thought they might be the Vamp rings. So as her excitement faded for the Vamp rings but the excitement for the other rings was at its highest, I pulled out the Vamp rings! For a solid 15 minutes I couldn't understand anything but "giggle", "OH MY GOD!" and "They're perfect!"
Thank You SOOOO much for making jewelry that isn't boring and looks like everything else! I'll be sending you a picture asap!
What do we do for engagement/wedding rings? By her reaction I'm not sure that much can top that!

Thank you!

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