Saturday, January 5, 2008

A Very Bittersweets Halloween!

This Halloween party (2005) was when Bittersweets was over at Burrow on Crosby st. Hope & Ben won the best his/her costume prizes which seemed a little fishy, but don't look at me... Caroline was the judge! But really, they did have the best costumes. Ben had to stand outside the whole night because he couldn't fit his, uhh..."tree" through the narrow staircase. Hunter S. Thompson showed up which was nice of him to make an appearance since he'd been dead for a while... And we're not sure what David was because he always looks like a million bucks. Seen below is Hope in her award winning "Yellow Ribbon" costume, & Trish is always cute, but especially as a blood sucking prom queen.

A Bloody Cake!

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