Sunday, July 8, 2007

send us a picture of you wearing bittersweets!

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Kelsey said...

late night jewelry rummaging happens ever so often when i recall owning a certain something yet having a hard time finding it. i keep my jewels in far too many boxes and pockets that get "reorganized" ever so often and inevitably aiding to the misplacedness of most objects. looking for a golden wishbone, i found the chain i used for the collective of various wee gold things i've bought over the years. your serpent tongue, robin! i remember the day i came across the mini vamps that lit my obsession for seeking out independent jewelers (and of course, your work). that photo of the aloofly snobbish broad in your heart + dagger is me. six years ago. oh my. so long it seems. i've still got my tiny silver chompers, and that heart and dagger, and the serpent charm which sits snuggly with a handful of odds and ends of gold bits, some with stories some without. i know i've got a maggot and bunny foot somewhere too. ha! this ramble is mainly the conclusion of a series of little findings tonight. but mainly. so good to see the evolution and success of talented folk. from the west coast to your east coast. from an early-on fan of your work. cheers! i adore ya! xx - kelsey